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Copywriting and social media strategy for saas businesses that want results.

It starts with the right words. Your words. Find out more

Powerful writing gets powerful results


Creates brand Awareness

You are competing in a global marketplace. To get that edge, people have to know who your are and why you matter.


Builds industry Authority

Creating quality content shows you care. It shows you want to help people by sharing your knoweledge. And, it should you know what you are talking about.


Fosters strategic Relationships

People want to buy from people they like. Show your customers you are in it for the long haul and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Hi, I’m Sophia! I’m a writer specializing in digital marketing and social media.

I write Blog posts that:


Turn visitors into loyal subscribers

Speak their language. Solve their problems. Be human.


Use SEO best practices to build your online authority

No gimmicks. No key word stuffing. No dodgy dealings.


Written with your clients in mind

I do the research and find out what your clients really want.

i create a Social Media strategy that:


Goes where your clients are

You don’t have time to be everywhere- and there’s no need.


Is a Part of the whole

It plays nicely with your overal goals and gets real, measurable results.


Builds strategic relationships

With your clients. With industry leaders. With influencers. With entrepreneurs.

Some places I’ve been published

Here’s what a few folk say

Sophia possesses a work ethic and integrity that is so hard to find these days. Her positive attitude, kind ear and the ability to organize have been almost as impressive as the strong narrative voice and versatility of her writing. A true professional in every aspect, I highly recommend working with Sophia Dagnon to anyone fortunate enough to have that opportunity.

Zach Braz

Recording Musician

Sophia is a talented young professional who writes fresh content that people actually enjoy reading. She does thorough research, is comfortable with tight deadlines, goes above and beyond to proactively suggest improvements. and always seeks ways to step up her game. Not to mention that she is extremely reliable and is a pleasure to work with.

Karinne Lima

Marketing Manager, Skore


Sophia has written a high percentage of MavSocial’s top performing content. Let’s put it this way: she really gets it. Sophia is one of those rare content marketers who can juggle the information and entertainment factors with ease. She’s highly knowledgeable within social media marketing, to our readers’ benefit. Because she writes of-the-moment content, we’re able to keep pace and position for newly important search terms.

Dayana Stockdale

Content Marketing Manager, MavSocial

Sophia is a talented young writer who is a joy to work with. Her sense of humor and gracious attitude make her an invaluable asset on any writing team.

Aaron Sharff

Associate Editor, Money Under 30